Go electric with La BiGi!


Starting from April 22 the new ebike service is active in Bergamo! 

20 new electric bicycles can be used mainly on the route center-Bergamo Alta through the 2 bike stations of Viale Vittorio Emanuele and Colle Aperto, equipped each with 10 charging stations. It’s possible to use the ebikes for any route, but the return outside the bike stations of Viale Vittorio Emanuele and Colle Aperto will be more expensive (20 euros) compared to the correct positioning at the charging points, which will be free of charge.

Ebike service completes the new system of bike sharing in the city, inaugurated at the beginning of the year, which allows the use of bicycles both in "station-based" mode, which provides for the return of the vehicle to the bike station, and in "free-floating" mode, and has 30 "physical" stations (equipped with racks) and 30 "virtual" identified by specific areas delimited on the ground. The basic fare, recommended for occasional users and tourists, is 2 euros for the first 30 minutes, 3 euros for the next 30 minutes and 9 euros for the remaining time. Monthly or annual subscription provides, as for the standard rental, free of charge for the first 30 minutes, then the rental up to 1 hour costs 1 euro and after each hour 9 euros.